Sunday, 15 March 2009

Health = Wealth

So I'm chewing a mouthful of apple, the proverbial doc repellant (probably tripe. the proverb, not the apple. keep up) and someone comes along and says "Nice apple?". They weren't expecting the reply they got, though their reaction indicates they should have been better prepared. What was their reaction you say? "That boy will never give you a straight answer". Life's a wonderfully complex business and a straight answer like "Yes, thanks" leaves the recipient to fill in the gaps. Most are ill equipped for this gap-filling business, so I step to the plate...

Quite a digression there, but you gotta set the scene if given an oppurtunity to do so in an entertaining manner. Anyway, the apple. I'm not eating it for pleasure (and that goes for all fruit). Some people do. They actually have moments in their life when they're dying to have this fruit or that one. I eat them because they're supposed to be good for me (whether they actually are is a digression too far). In my ideal universe, chocs, sweets, burger king and all the other stuff I'm dying for at times would be good for you.

So those who love fruit and other good-for-you stuff, your god has smiled upon you.

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